Behind the Ink

Elevating Your Brand with Custom Print Solutions from TeknoPrint

Our 24 years of experience has enabled us to provide the best possible printing solution.

High Quality Results

At TeknoPrint, we deliver superior printing results through our state-of-the-art equipment and attention to detail.

Exceptional Customer Service

We prioritize exceptional customer service, building long-term relationships with clients and ensuring their complete satisfaction.

Cutting-Edge Technology

At TeknoPrint, we use cutting-edge printing technology to produce visually striking prints that stand out from the competition.

Behind the Ink


“Like most stories of countless trials and eventual triumphs, my foray into commercial printing has a humble beginning. When I arrived in Dubai almost 24 years ago, I started with nothing but hopes and dreams like many young migrants back in the day. After years of being involved in various professional fields, I was fortunate enough to work with passionate and insightful individuals who always saw the bigger picture of commercial printing. Inspired by their drive and my personal experience, I started to realise the potential and what the future could be for the industry. A major step forward in this respect was understanding the requirements and scope in the larger context of businesses of varying scale, especially within the service industry.

Gradually, with many hurdles and surprises in between, I found my footing in commercial printing by following just one mantra – understand what the customer wants and deliver without fail. And thanks to a team that shares that belief, we have consistently grown from strength to strength. Now after decades of understanding the ins and outs of the printing industry, we are setting our foot forward with Teknoprint to welcome new clients, challenges and opportunities with open arms”

CEO - Jaheer CM
Behind the Ink


Since starting out in the sector in 1999, we've consistently grown and adapted with the developments in the printing industry. Our team has kept track of the pulse of the industry – taking note of the changing trends and familiarized themselves with technological and aesthetical updates at every turn. Above all, we’ve managed to stay ahead of the curve by doing one thing perfectly – listening to our customers.